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PerplexusShadow is a WebGL 3D game. Developed with Babylon.js Babylon.js WebGL Game Engine. This game is like physical perplexus puzzle game Perplexus puzzle Game. You rotate 3D puzzle maze and ball is rolling depending on how you rotate maze. You have to go through all check point from START to FINISH. You must have google account and Sign In with your google account. After sign in you get your google account Avatar (gmail image). When you finish level your time is saving. You can play this game with any device which have (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera). Your browser must support WebGL.


You rotate maze with keys WSAD or with joystick on the bottom right side. You can show/hide joystick. Camera is Arc Camera. Camera always look at center of ball. With mouse or finger (Mobile/Tablet) you set camera, which is rotate around ball. You can zoom in or out camera view with joystick on bootom left side, or with mouse scroller.

Tips: To betther play. Try always set camera to the ball side. Rotate slowly and play patiently. When you will play this game severely time. You will get feeling how to control camera around ball and how to control maze rotation (WSAD) together. You can alway click F5 or click refresh URL to restart game.

Tips: First person play mode: You can max zoom-in with bottom left joystick. Than you can try playing like first person. Your camear will be inside ball.

Performance: For better performance you can for resize window(browser). For example for 1/4 size of your monitor should work better than full screen. If you have good Graphics Card (GPU) you can resize window to fullscreen with F11.

If game not work. Try Clear cookies and Cached images and files.

Hotkey: M/m = Music on/off, 0 = off SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion) for more FPS


Click on image to play.

Perplexus Play


Perplexus Shadow Open WebGL (full game)
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Game should work on browsers. Browser should support WebGL. The better GPU you have the better game will work. You can test your browser WebGL Support. You can see which GPU Browser use on your device. Test Browser WebGL




Bogdan Mlakar ( Nejc Tramšek (

If anybody is interesting to create or add model in this game e-mail us.